The Story of the Greatest 3-Way Long Distance Relationship

The Story of the Greatest 3-Way Long Distance Relationship

You just don’t. (Via

“The story of the greatest 3-way long distance relationship consists of three lovely girls who are living in three different countries. The geographical barrier between the three does not stop them from continuing their friendship, as a matter of fact, is becoming even better despite the distance.”

The above excerpt, by the way, is about me (if you haven’t assumed already…).

One of the biggest fears I had when starting college was not being able to find a group of friends, or just a friend, that you can spend your wonderful college years with. My mother’s current close friends were all from college, and I always wanted to have that as well. Luckily enough, I did end up having what my mother had. One of the girls was from Taiwan, who actually went to my high school in Shanghai, and we became closer in college. The other friend was from Japan, and we just clicked immediately from day one. Fast forward to now, we are all back in our home countries (with the exception of the friend from high school, because she actually returned to Shanghai – where she feels most at home!) and we are in a 3-way long distance relationship.

Our case is nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, the fact that Buzzfeed wrote a fun piece about this phenomenon just goes to show how prevalent this is nowadays. I can’t say everything from the article applies to me, but you bet a good chunk of it is relevant. Over the years, I have said so many good-byes to many people. Although it hurts in the beginning, later I finally accepted that this too, can be a life-enriching experience.

More than anything, I think technology these days makes anything easy, especially keeping you connected to your loved ones. I am using Line, Skype, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. to stay connected to my friends. Yes, sometimes you do wake up to something like this:

For the love of God...

For the love of God…

…but that only goes to show how connected we are! Although the red number bubbles are a bit terrifying at first, you know that the higher the numbers are just means juicier the details. I personally think it’s very important to use chatting apps such as Line, Whatsapp, Kakao Talk, etc. to keep each other connected. Skype is a lot more convenient, but it does require you to commit to a specific time and stay put for at least 30 minutes. Messaging apps keep the conversation flowing and relevant at the same time. And the best part is that you can simply jump in whenever it’s more convenient for you! We primarily use Line as our main tool for communicating, and it has been wonderful. It’s super easy to use, and has all these great emoji stickers that I’m practically obsessed with.

Of course, the downside of this type of relationship is the lack of physical presence. You do miss having your shopping companion, or the late-night talks over ice cream and cheap wine… But over time, you learn to overcome that void and really appreciate your friendship for what it is.

Awwwww this will be us at the airport. (Via

Awwwww this will be us at the airport. (Via

In fact, I’m taking this as an opportunity to visit my two favorite people in Japan and Shanghai/Taiwan. It gets me excited thinking about reuniting in another country!

If you’re experiencing something similar to my case, I just want to tell you to not let the distance get in between your friendship! I have seen so many cases where friendships drift apart because of it (I have been in those cases as well) and it really is disheartening and sad. 😦 We have technology that has our backs now – take advantage of it and let your friendship blossom into another level!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to snapchat my food to my friends.

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