[L]ive, [E]xhilarated, [I]ntoxicated

(Via pinterest.com)

(Via pinterest.com)

Ernest Hemingway will always be revered as one of the greatest American writers. His identity as member of the “Lost Generation” American expat in the early-20th century Paris played a huge role in influencing his writings – without it, we will not have the masterpiece such as The Sun Also Rises.

I chose this quote because, my goodness – just read how it captures the energy of his life! I remember when reading about Hemingway in my 10th grade English class and thinking how fascinating his life was, only to realize that I was also living a unique expat life. (This was back in Shanghai) If there is one place that describes this beautiful quote, it is none other than Shanghai. It was the place most foreign to me when I first went, but over time I learned to love the city and all of its charms. To this day, I’m still enamored by the city even from a distance away, and I hope to go back and drown in everything it has to offer. Yes, you can tell I’m missing Shanghai a lot.

Meanwhile, I hope everyone is having a great Monday! I’m going to try to live by this quote today (well, everyday) – hope you all do too!

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