Fall 2014 Resolution

Fall 2014 Resolution

We’re all familiar with New Year’s Resolution – a self-improvement pact made to be broken in a few months. However, as summer is slipping by and fall is inching closer, I decided to start early and make a fall resolution instead.

This summer has been a hectic one for me. I spent the majority of the months packing, moving, adjusting… And to my despair, summer sped by at a blink of an eye. I remember I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish this summer but I was so busy I didn’t even have a time to glance over it. Therefore, I hope this fall resolution can help me get back on track and focus on accomplishing whatever was on that list. Here is what that list would look like:

Exercise more & eat healthier

(Via buzzfeed.com)

(Via buzzfeed.com)

Ah, the staple cliche in everyone’s resolution. Did I even have to include this one? YES. Because a healthier lifestyle really is the key to a happier one. I thought fall would be the perfect opportunity to start a healthier lifestyle… Because why wait til January to start, right? (But then why didn’t I start earlier…) This past week alone, I have already experienced an excruciating neck pain that pretty much had me paralyzed on the bed every morning, and a massive allergy attack which drained all the energy out of me. Also, although I haven’t gained a tremendous amount of weight, I am definitely out of shape in comparison to my college days, and the toned, lean muscles are nowhere to be seen. Now that most of the humid summer days are behind us, I can finally go out for a jog in the brisk September air. I also have to be more considerate of what I eat. My summer diet consisted of sugar and carb that could feed a family for weeks. I became very stressed lately because of acne that flared out on my face due to my poor diet. I’m going to make it my top priority to change up my diet, because healthier appearance is a direct reflection of how healthy you are inside.

Spend & save smartly

I am a finance guru as much as Paris Hilton is a DJ. (high-five if you get this reference) But I do know this much – spending and saving smartly is the key to a healthy and sustainable financial balance. Back in college when I had no real, stable income, I didn’t care much about smart financing. I thought it was all about saving, saving, saving. Now that I know how crucial tactful strategizing and movement of money is, I will probably start looking into CDs, installment savings, interests, and what not. I still have a long way to go!

Crack the code

(Via joshuaearl.com)

(Via joshuaearl.com)

Having lived in the tech-embracing Seattle for 5 years has definitely influenced my view on technology and its never-ending developments. Coding was a second-language to many people living in Seattle. If they weren’t fluent in it, they were at least somewhat knowledgeable of it. There were countless nights at the library when I was surrounded by my friends who huddled around their laptops, all practicing this strange, encrypted language. The importance of coding dawned upon me eventually and I scrambled to get myself on codeacademy, and started cranking out some of the most basic HTML and CSS sequences. I was so proud of myself whenever codeacademy rewarded me with little virtual collectible badges for changing my name from bold to italic.

It’s becoming crystal clear these days that the ability to code opens up doors to a myriad of opportunities. With the rapid expansion of the tech industry comes with demand for an army of talented coders to sustain the growth. Even if I don’t see myself as a back-end developer at a big tech mogul, I do think it is an essential skill to have and a great way to make yourself hireable in the future.

Explore Seoul

(Via travel.nationalgeographic.com)

(Via travel.nationalgeographic.com)

This has been at the top of my list for a long time. When I lived in Shanghai, I fell head-over-heels over the city because I explored every little alleys, the shops, the people who dwelled in those hidden corners… I truly believe that that’s what makes a city unique, not the shiny facade the city builds for show. Although Seoul is my hometown, my knowledge of it is little to non-existent. Unfortunately, I made Seoul’s humid summer as an excuse to stay indoors and not go exploring around the city. But now that fall is here, I am determined to hit up all the neat spots Seoul has to offer in the cool breeze.

Hopefully this will keep me busy and give me something to work on during my spare times. I will try my best to focus on accomplishing the above, or at the very least, get my feet wet on some of them.

I do hear that Korea has a BEAUTIFUL fall, so I’m excited to witness that! If anything, these goals should help me enjoy the autumn days; not distract myself to a point I completely miss it and skip right over to winter…

P.S. Is there ANYWHERE in Seoul that makes good pumpkin spice latte??? I NEED.


(Via pinterest.com)

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