5 tunes that got me through the week

I honestly don’t think there is anything more therapeutic and liberating as music. Whether I’m at home winding down during the weekend, or powering myself through a rigorous workout, or being shoved around during my rush-hour commute to and from work, music is always there to pump me with joy and energy through it all. The great thing about music is there are there are so many different genres, meaning there is always something for everybody. I’m going to stop myself here before I get all philosophical about music, and jump right into five great tracks (in no particular order) that got me through this week:

Bassnectar feat. W. Darling – You & I

I was never a huge fan of dubstep, because it always sounded too exaggerated for my taste. Then I discovered Bassnectar a few years ago, and his productions immediately had me hooked. His tracks are a perfect blend of low-rumbling bass and ethereal melody that has the power to evoke emotions on the dancefloor, something I thought was impossible from this particular genre. And this track “You & I” is a prime example of my explanation. Hearing this at EDC Las Vegas this year was easily one of my top moments from the event. I remember looking around while the track played, and saw that it had everyone on the field swaying with emotions, while being rocked by the waves of bass pumping out of the speakers. Hearing this immediately brings me back to the stage, and takes me to an hypnotizing bass journey.

Empire of the Sun – Walking On A Dream

Ah, a classic Empire of the Sun. This light-hearted, feel-good song has the power to uplift any listener’s mood. This song always helps me forget the seriousness in life and to enjoy the little things. It could be the carefree, soul-searching lyrics or Luke Steele’s echo-y, dream-like vocals – either way, sometimes when I’m really into the song, I feel as if I’m actually “walking on a dream.”

Another reason why I love this song: if you watch the music video, you can see that it’s actually shot in Shanghai! To me, the song is a perfect complement to the exhilarating, yet dreamy life in Shanghai.

Mat Zo – Only For You

Mat Zo has always been one of the artists I’ve been following very closely, because his musical talent is like no other. And not surprisingly, this one has been on my favorite list since the day it has been released. Flirty and melodic, I always get lost in this beautifully layered track and let my inner girly-ness out.

Rustie – Slasherr (Flume Edit)

I’ve been obsessed with Flume and What So Not (which is Flume + Emoh Instead) lately, and I cannot get enough. I discovered this particular track while listening to What So Not’s massive EDC Las Vegas live set about two weeks ago. Flume, although young, is incredibly talented and breathes fresh air into the saturated “EDM” sound of today. I would love to see him or What So Not live one day, and I’m just eagerly waiting for more quality tracks from them! By the way, minus 10 points for me for missing them at EDC. Boo… :p

Destructo feat. YG – Party It Up

Probably the most different from the tracks I’ve listed so far – Destructo’s “Party It Up.” I’ve been playing this track on repeat for weeks now; now, I don’t like to replay songs very often, so this actually is a big deal. Just as the title suggests, this deep and bumping beat is my perfect going-out theme song… OR the perfect song to hear on the subway when you’re just so over this commute. Destructo delivers the perfect club-friendly song without it being too over-exaggerated. Its subtle build-up and progression is what makes this track so fun!

Now if you haven’t noticed from my list already, yes, I am a huge fan of EDM and I have been an avid listener for many years now. However, that doesn’t mean I close myself off from other genres – I love anything that is pleasing to my ears. πŸ™‚ With that said, what do you listen to get through the week? I am constantly on the lookout for gems to add to my library!


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