5 tunes that got me through the week (Pt. 2)

Another week, another Sunday. Last week I listed out 5 tracks that stood out or grabbed my attention and helped me get through the week. I rounded up another short list this week of tracks that stood by my side on public transportation, workout sessions, and etc.:

Knife Party – Begin Again

Another quick EDC 2014 flashback. This feel-good track was wedged between all the seizure-inducing, bass-heavy tracks Knife Party churned out during their set on day 2 of the festival. As we’re all patiently anticipating the release of their upcoming album, this goodie was finally leaked so that us dying fans can get a taste of what’s coming next. I know a lot of people were shocked because it was different from their usual style, but I thought this was a good breather from their previous productions. I actually enjoy this track a lot and, while it is a more commercial sound, it is very well produced. And I can’t deny that Rob Swire’s vocals fit so well with this Madeon/Daft Punk-ish track! Oh, and did I mention that they’ll be here in Seoul for Global Gathering Korea in October???? I CANNOT WAIT!!!

CLMD – Black Eyes & Blue (Original Mix)

This is the kind of song that you accidentally stumble upon when relentlessly shuffling through your playlist, trying to find that perfect song that fits your mood. It’s such a easy listen and once the headphones are on, you can really let yourself go. This track carries similar vibes to last week’s “Empire of the Sun – Walking On A Dream,” perhaps because of similar dream-like vocals. The only difference is that this track is more big-room, with hints of euphoric breakdowns. It’s been a gem since the day I’ve discovered it!

Cashmere Cat – With Me

Cashmere Cat has caught my attention with their remix of Miguel’s “Do You…”Β And then there was this. “With Me” is a perfect combination of tight bassline and instruments that is perfect for festivals (in fact, I discovered this while listening to What So Not’s EDC set. Listen here, because you just have to.) and – in my case – making daily commutes a bit fun. I’ve been obsessed with songs like this recently. Thank the heaven for Soundcloud and Youtube, because they’re just goldmines for amazing new music!

Oliver feat. TEED – Light Years Away

Oliver is a duo hailing from LA, and they describe themselves as “dance music’s funkiest space explorers.” And who does not love that?? All their productions have been just ON POINT. I love their infusion of 80’s style, vintag-y disco influence into modern dance music, making their productions different from the over-saturated EDM sound of today. Their recent track “Light Years Away” is, as one Soundcloud use comments, “cosmic.” Between the whizzes and thumps, their is a “cosmic” vocal breakdown that reaches deep inside you and gets you dancing before you know it.

Teedra Moses – Be Your Girl (Kaytranada Edition)

Kaytranada’s rendition of Teedra Moses’s “Be Your Girl” is sexy, groovy, and urban. It’s one of those tracks that remind me of New York City, a city I absolutely love. But that could be a topic worthy of an entirely separate post, so I won’t get into it now. Kaytranada really breathed a new life into this song by adding funky beats that does not overwhelm Teedra’s sultry vocals. Kaytranada is the master of introducing his own style into our favorite female crooners such as Janet Jackson and Erykah Badu. Definitely well-deserving of a follow!

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