When life gives you lemons… Don’t just make lemonade!

Ever since I moved to Korea, there was a part of me that suffered (and still suffering) the hardest. It was my skin. The sudden change in environment just made my skin flare up like a wildfire and I started breaking out like I’ve never had before. This was a true state of (beauty) emergency. I frantically searched online for remedies, and discovered a particular recurring theme – lemons!

Not only are the zesty citruses high in vitamin C, it is also super versatile and can be used for other purposes. (Did you know that you can even use lemons as household cleaners?) Here are just a few examples that I have actually tried and loved:

Lemon+rice scrub

Of course, one of the first places I went to for information was on Youtube (because, um, it is pretty much Wikipedia for the visual learners). I am a huge fan of Michelle Phan, and I was so happy that she posted a video on DIY scrub/masks. This particular video introduced several types of DIY projects, and I tried out the lemon + rice mask. It was literally a piece of cake, for all you needed was the two ingredients. I loved the scent of lemon on my skin, and the texture of the rice particles was just absolutely satisfying. After rinsing it off with cool water, my face felt soooooooo smooth! Lemon has natural brightening effects, so it did a great job making my face look more awake, and the rice aspect got rid of a lot of the dead skin on my face. If you’re looking for a natural scrub that won’t irritate your skin, definitely give this method a try! Also, check out the video below. You can skip to 1:26, or just watch the whole thing for more!

Lemon “detox”/cleansing, or whatever you want to call it

This just recently occurred to me as I was trying to think of all the things that could be irritating my skin. One very possible reason could be the accumulation of bad toxins (oh, you know, late-night ice cream binges and what not…) lingering in my system that is getting in the way of my body flushing them out the natural way. I then decided to look up ways to detox, and as you could have guessed, I found out about using lemon for this exact purpose. The recipes range from as simple as just lemon + water to other variations such adding other ingredients. You can simply Google “lemon detox,” or in my case, find it on Pinterest.

I’m actually not on a real “detox” schedule (major punchline, I know…), as in I’m not restricting myself from intaking food or whatnot. I’m still on my usual, healthy, balanced diet. A dramatic change in your diet can actually mess your entire system up, bringing negative and unwanted results in the end. I am pretty much drinking this lemon water in place of real water. And I actually started seeing good results! My acne swelled down and my face looked less distressed! This is definitely going to be my go-to remedy whenever I get breakouts, and I highly recommend this to everyone!

lemon+honey water

Korea has this thing called “honey water” which is basically a spoonful of water dissolved into hot water. I grew up drinking this on cold days, or whenever I was sick. I decided to give it a slight punch to it by adding slices of lemon, and it was DELICIOUS! The lemon slices add a very soothing aroma to the already sweet scented drink, and it boosts your immune system with the vitamins you so desperately need when you’re sick. Not only that, the constant intake of vitamins will hopefully keep my skin irritation at bay!

I am so relieved that I have more control over my skin now, and that during the process I discovered so many ways to treat my body. What do you guys use lemons for? Or are there any other natural ways to combat breakouts or just give something extra to your skin? I would love to know!

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