This week in Korea: 5 articles to help you stay in the loop

(Original photo: Sue Kyung Kim @

(Original photo: Sue Kyung Kim @

I’ll have to be honest and admit that I’m not very familiar with what’s happening in Korea right now. Although I’m physically in Korea, I don’t access Korean news as much as I should. I decided to fix this by doing a post on it, because a) it’s makes me actually go out and read interesting articles about Korea, and b) while I’m at it I can share my findings with everyone else! Now, if you were having trouble keeping in touch with what’s happening in Korea, and if you read up to this point, it means that you’ll find the articles helpful in keeping you in-the-know.

N. Korea’s Kim Jong-un returns from public absenceΒ in 40 days; we can all stop the guessing game now – read here.

1 in 4 Korean male children suffer from obesity – read here.

Seoul mayor supports gay marriage. Very VERY uncommon in Korea. Will this snowball into an actual movement? – read here.

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg in Korea to meet with Samsung. Probably plotting to take over the world – read here.

Japan seeks to revise U.N.’s comfort women report, Korea is not pleased with that. The vicious cycle continues… – read here.

Maybe I’ll post something like this more often.Β I like that we can mutually learn from this! Did you guys find this useful? What are some interesting things happening in Korea that you’ve read about this week? πŸ™‚


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