3 phone apps I miss using so much!!!

Like the 95% of you out there, I am a slave to my phone. I will admit without hesitation that I am super dependent on it. A moment without my phone in my hand, I experience a ridiculous amount of anxiety. Yes, I have issues. However, we can’t simply ignore the fact that we become more dependent because technology has made our lives just that much more convenient, right?

With that said, there has been many amazing phone apps that made my life so easy. I love discovering new phone apps that are both user-friendly and convenient. If you know me well enough, you know that I’ll be asking for good phone app suggestions!

Unfortunately there are a few that I cannot use in Korea because it’s not available here. (cries) These are apps that I have used countless apps, and has essentially just become a part of the functional parts of my life. I’m just going to list them out in no particular order. They are as follows:


This is a must-have for all foodies out there. Yelp is a one-stop source for restaurants, cafes, shops nearby your current location. Trying to find a good Thai restaurant nearby? No problem, just whip out your phone and look it up on Yelp. I miss those days of scrolling through Yelp to find the perfect place to go eat or to grab a cup of the best coffee in town. Yelp has EVERYTHING you need to know about the place you’re looking for: price range, hours, address, contact info, menu, reservations, reviews… you name it!

The Korean alternative: Just Naver that ish! You’ll start to catch on the fact that Naver is the Google alternative here in Korea. So yes, you will have to just search on Naver and receive scattered information… 😦


Uber, the personal ride service that has taken the transportation industry by the storm, was one of the apps I loved using back in Seattle. I would always chose Uber over Seattle cabs, because Uber was way more convenient and reliable. You can chose what kind of car you want to take depending on if you’re travelling alone or with a group. If you know your final destination, Uber also lets you know how much the fare would be. Once you order in your Uber ride, you could track it on your phone and you will be notified once it has arrived. And the fact that you can pay on your phone is a plus! This hassle-free payment system is another reason why Uber wins a place in my heart over cabs.

The Korean alternative: Unfortunately, Uber is not gonna happen in Korea. Just your regular ol’ cab. Luckily for Korea, public transportation is superb, and if you are planning on taking a cab, cab drivers are so much more friendlier. The times I wish Uber existed in Korea is when we need a large van-sized cab or if I’m still out at night after subways and buses have stopped service.


I love Venmo. It is a total life saver. It is the app my friends and I used to pay each other back and to sort rent/utility fees. If our parents wrote checks to each other, our generation is using Venmo to do the same work. I was skeptical of Venmo at first, but once my friends introduced me to it, it instantly became one of my favorite apps to use. Not only that, I encouraged more friends to use it as well. We all have those moments when we’re out for dinner and your friend has to spot you for the meal because of many reasons I won’t go into details about… You can simply pay your friend back with a few clicks on the Venmo app, and VOILA – the deed is done!

The Korean alternative: I really, really wish there was a Korean alternative to this, because it is such a practical app that just makes everyone’s lives easier. A co-worker told me that in Korea, you message each other your bank account number (UM, WHAT?) and you wire the amount you owe. I am not too comfortable with this method, but seems like this is a popular method here…Or you can always just carry around enough cash… :p

Do you guys know a good alternative to the above apps I mentioned? Or what are some good apps that you would recommend using in Korea? Like I mentioned above, I love trying out new phone apps. Let me know! πŸ˜€


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