What I’m looking forward to the most about Seattle…

It is officially December. It snowed on the first day here in Korea to welcome the change in season. This also means I’m closer to my trip back to Seattle. I have been counting down for weeks, and I can’t believe it’s finally time! As you may know, I’ve lived in Seattle in the recent 5 years before I moved back to Korea, and it is a place very, very dear to my heart. Not only is Seattle beautiful and charming in its own way, I have memories made with wonderful people deeply embedded in the city. Ever since I moved, there had been many moments when I had some major nostalgia. Therefore, this trip means a lot to me for it’ll definitely caress the pain (?) away.

I listed out a few things I’m just super excited about visiting Seattle. These are some things that have constantly revisited my mind as I counted down the days. So here they are:

pumpkin spice latte

Yes, call me Queen Bae-sic or whatever. I freaking miss Pumpkin Spice Latte, and the only reason people in the U.S. are getting called ‘basic’ for their affinity to this delicious drink is because it’s so prevalent there, and they don’t appreciate it enough. PSL does not exist here in Korea, and I feel severely deprived of it. I plan on getting a cup as soon as I get off the plane, possibly right at the airport Starbucks.


Although Seattle is the home of Starbucks, the city is filled with great cafes that just makes Starbucks so mediocre. I have a select few of my favorite cafes that just serves top-notch coffee blends, lattes, mocha, tea… And because Seattelites take their coffee seriously, you can bet that all the local cafes you go to will live up to their expectations and make an amazing cup of coffee every single time.

Plus, what better beverage compliments the rain than coffee, no?


You can’t talk about Seattle and not talk about food. Located right next to the Puget Sound Bay, Seattle is never short of good seafood spots. Some of my favorites include the Crab Pot, which is a family-style restaurant that serves cooked crab legs and other shellfish galore right on the table (literally), and Cutters Crabhouse, which sits right on the edge of the waterfront with an amazing view overlooking the Puget Sound.

Seattle is also never short of diverse cuisines. Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Caribbean, French… You got it! Whether you want to have a nice dress-up dinner or a quick bite on the street, there is something for every type of palates and preferences. I have made a list of all the restaurants that I must try, and I cannot lie – my inner fat girl is bursting with excitement.

the gorgeous scenic views

Seattle is the perfect combination of nature + metropolis. The Emerald City, as the nickname suggests, is never short of luscious greens. Seattle has the majestic Mount Rainier as the backdrop, the stretch of deep blue sea at the front, and the dynamic urban life in between. This gives Seattle a ton of photographic advantages. Just look at my old apartment as an example. Just a mile away is the gorgeous Gas Works Park right next to the scenic Lake Union; the gorgeous University of Washington campus sits proudly in the U-district, and the iconic Space Needle can be seen nestled between the hills and buildings from the living room window. Whether it’s sunny, gloomy, or even raining, I would not trade that view for anything else.

seeing my friends

Of course what makes a place special is the great people who shared the memories with you. I can’t wait to be with my friends again, over a glass of wine and just being our silly selves like we used to.

revisiting my old-time fave spots

I can’t wait to revisit my favorite little spots in Seattle. This could range from the picturesque Olympic Sculpture Park to my favorite bubble tea cafe near my old apartment. There are so many places I definitely took for granted when I used to live there. I feel like I’ll appreciate it a lot more when I go back this time. If someone finds me tearing up over a cup of Thai milk tea, you’ll know why.

the rain

Yes, I miss the rain. There is something about Seattle rain that is different from the perspiration in Seoul. Seattle rain carries a very earthy scent that permeates through the air as it drizzles down. And notice I said “drizzle,” because 90% of the time, Seattle gets a nice dosage of light rain. It never really pours there as it does in Seoul. The rain is perfect for a signature Seattle look – Northface jacket and rain boots. The rain is a characteristic of Seattle that just defines the city. And although it was annoying at times, I surely do miss it now.

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