[UPDATE] Back from Seattle and still recovering (?)

I know… I’ve been horrible at updating. I’ve disappeared with a month hiatus, and I am finally back! This post will be a quick update on what I’ve been up to the past month I’ve been MIA, and a little promise to myself and everyone to be more active on this blog!!!


Since my last post, I’ve been preparing to go to Seattle, which is where I spent Christmas and New Year’s eve. It was so good being back in Seattle and seeing my friends and the places I know. Interestingly enough, it also felt like I never left the city. Maybe 6 months is not long enough for you to feel distant from a place.

I had a pretty bad start to my trip, however, because I became bed-ridden with a sickness of some sort that lasted for a good day and a half. That did not stop me from having fun.

Driving down to Portland!

Driving down to Portland!

As soon as I recovered, I made an obligatory trip down to the beautiful Portland, where I did some seeeeeeerious shopping. A lot of people compare Portland to Seattle and and say how similar they are despite the rivalry. But strolling around the city, I fell in love with its uniqueness. The red-bricked streets criss-crossed and revealed its charm everywhere I turned. To me, it felt like a city felt very vintage yet with a modern edge. Does anyone else think this way about Portland??


The famous Voodoo Doughnut!!

The famous Voodoo Doughnut!!

Back in Seattle, it was just a lot of reconnecting with the friends I love, and meeting new friends. And of course, there was a lot of eating involved. I love that there is always a new place opening up in Seattle, and they never fail to disappoint!IMG_0331 IMG_0333 IMG_0337

If anyone’s every planning on visiting Seattle, I highly highly recommend trying out Trove. It’s a fusion style noodle bar with killer dessert parfaits. You get to also keep the mason jar that the parfait comes in – yesss!

IMG_0233 IMG_0228 IMG_0252I also got to re-visit my favorite spots in Seattle, such as the famous Pike Place Market and Kerry Park. One of the newest addition to the city was the Starbucks Roastery in Capital Hill. People literally lined up for an hour to check out the place! (including me…)

IMG_0291 IMG_0323 IMG_0305 IMG_0300Starbucks usually isn’t my default coffee shop to go to, but this place was definitely worth the long line. The famous Tom Douglas’s ‘Serious Pie’ was an installment as well as a huge selection of merchandise items. Of course, the most important part, coffee was exceptionally diverse and delicious.


Airport swag: PSL (yes) + Diplo (YES)

Returning to Korea was heart-breaking, because it meant I had to say good-byes all over again. My last night in Seattle, I had a gathering of my closest friends at my boyfriend’s apartment, where they bid their byes to me. I knew from that point on that I was determined to make an effort to see them again and revisit one of my favorite cities again.

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I came back from Seattle, and I must say I’m still glowing from the trip. Unfortunately, I had to go straight into work the next day so I had no time to recover from the horrible jet lag. But the glow is giving me motivation to plan my next trip.

In case anyone noticed, I’m finally using a real camera instead of my iphone for my blog! It’s not a DSLR but more advanced than a regular point-and-shoot. If anyone has good photography tips, please share down below!! πŸ™‚

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