5 tunes that got me through the week (Pt. 4)

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these! But that doesn’t mean I haven’t had good music keeping me company all along. I am back with 5 more tunes that have stuck by my side this week, through good and bad.

ODESZA feat. Shy Girls – All We Need (Girraffage Remix)

Shy, flirty, urban, and groovy. Seattle’s ODESZA meets groove-master Girraffage. This is such a nice easy-listen with soulful vocals layered in between. Girraffage has easily become one of my favorite producers of the late, and this track showcases all the right reasons why.

Porter Robinson – Flicker

I love how Porter can blend elements of Anime/J-pop influence and euphoria in one track. That just goes to show what a talented artist he is. Porter went on to explain that he wanted his sophomore album, “Worlds,” to showcase his musical side and deviate from his festival friendly tunes. Β (which, to me, were also very good) “Flicker” is an example of that demonstration. The buildup, the breakdown, and the drop… Everything combines to make a powerful musical journey.

The 1975 – Girls (The Knocks Remix)

I swear, Youtube vloggers have the best taste in music. I found this gem while watching one of my all-time favorite vlogger, Claire Marshall. (who, btw, is the definition of #goals) I love The Knocks’s touch in this song – the vintage, disco vibe makes this track a good easy-listen that you can blast anywhere. And for some reason, this song makes me anticipate Spring even more, that’s just me though. :p

MNEK – A Thousand Miles (Vanessa Carlton Refix)


I am head-over-heels over this cover/remake. MNEK powerful and soulful vocals replaced Vanessa Carlton’s signature sweet, angelic voice; but that doesn’t take anything away from the song. As a matter of fact, it is turned into something completely different, something unexpected but far from disappointing. The piano chorus part is replaced by snippets of B-52’s “Love Shack” and a groovy future house bassline. Do I even need further convincing – it’s “A Thousand Miles,” guys! *cue head shake*

Just Kiddin – Always There

If you noticed a pattern here, I’m kind of obsessed with sexy, flirty, housy vibe in my music. And this track is definitely no exception. Just Kiddin’s “Always There” is the perfect song for a mid-summer barbeque on the balcony, the perfect background track to greet the sunset with a cool drink in your hand. Well, for me, at least. If “Girls” gets me excited for Spring, this track gets me excited for summer. And you bet I’ll be blasting this all summer long, even after getting through this week.

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