A Few Articles I Liked in February


Another month has past and we’re now ready to welcome a new one. And although this month was a short one, it was one full of great articles that caught my attention. Read below to see what some of my favorite articles were this month:

The Fresh Exchange – “Love.”

This was the sweetest and the most honest piece on love I have read in a while. You won’t find any extra fluff and sweetness here, but romantic dynamics between two people in a real world context. But I think that’s what made this more heartfelt to me. Although I read this around Valentine’s day, it still makes me go “awww” when I read it again.

Next Stop – “Moveable Roots”

Dounia is a fellow TCK I met online recently, and her I love her blog because her experiences are very similar to mine. Her post “Moveable Roots” talks about transitions adult TCKs face going back to their home country, her struggles, and her overcoming those struggles. Reading this was very encouraging and made me realize that I was not alone.

Elite Daily – “6 Reasons Why Not Quitting Your Job To Travel Is A Waste Of Your Life”

While I do have to agree the title is a bit exaggerated, this article does list out good reasons why it’s important to get out and explore the world. All the reasons listed out serves as reminder for us to always stay curious and to see beyond the bubble.

Buzzfeed – “How To Watch “Fresh Off The Boat” With Your White Boyfriend”

I have been dying to watch “Fresh Off The Boat,” the new Asian-American sitcom everyone’s been talking about. While I haven’t found a bootleg streaming site (shhhh) to get my hands on the show yet, I have been reading heaps about the show itself and many discussions surrounding the portrayal of Asian-Americans in mainstream media. This one in particular, addresses treatment the Huang’s face from being the Asian minority in Orlando suburb, and how those portrayal relate not only to the writer (who is Korean-American) but also to her white boyfriend. I thought this article in general was very interesting, because I could relate to my experiences when I first moved to California at young age. I really want to start the show now to see those experiences played out on TV.

A Little Opulent – “10 Ways To Be A Tourist In Your Own City”

Tired of the same old streets and surroundings? Low on budget to travel? Why not be a tourist in your own city? It’s a great way to see your city in a new light and also discover heaps of places you didn’t know about before. I am actually planning to do something like this in Seoul. Stay tuned…

Lily Melrose – “Dealing with FOMO”

This particular article resonates with me, because I feel like I deal with FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) all the time since I’ve moved back to Korea. I’m constantly bombarded by pictures or statuses of my friends at concerts, hangouts, or the new restaurant/cafe in the neighborhood, etc. I’m constantly going like “Awww, I’m totally missing out.” This negativity does no good to me, and if not addressed, I know it will make me miserable. Dealing with with such thoughts the right away will also give you a positive outlook on your current situation and why it doesn’t actually suck as you think.

2 thoughts on “A Few Articles I Liked in February

  1. annie lee says:

    Oh thanks for sharing these Somin! I just had to read the 6 reasons to travel, and couldn’t agree more! Makes me wanna jump on a plane to the unknown right this moment lol. have a great week!!


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