Adam Foster’s “Endless Summer Vol. 2” got me looking forward to Summer already…

beach-bus-holiday-1106Seoul is just starting to feel like Spring, but I’m already looking forward to Summer. Probably because of this hypnotically groovy and chill set by Adam Foster.

This set invokes the carefree and warm summer vibes that have been buried deep under the cold, gloomy Winter days. Showcasing my favorites from Disclosure, Goldroom, Calvin Harris, and Empire of the Sun, this set is just oozing with bright, sunny energy. I can just feel the sun rays hitting my skin and summer breeze through my hair. I am recollecting all the epic summer memories and cannot wait to make more this summer.

If this doesn’t get you excited for Summer, I don’t know what will. Just pop those earphones on, turn up the volume, and start the magical 70-minute journey away from reality. Because this is literally the only set you’ll need for the upcoming months.</embed&gt;

photo credit:Β

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