Where should I travel to next?

TCK Goes Home: Where should I travel to next?

I’ve been having an itch to travel recently. Maybe it’s because the warmer weather. Or maybe it’s the fact that we’re nearing vacation season, and my friends and coworkers have been talking about summer plans already. I decided to put work stuff (ugh) aside for a bit and thought about the places I haven’t been to yet. Here are the few of the many:


I’m sure this partially has to do with the fact that I’m surrounded by British people at work. Aside from that, who isn’t fascinated with England? I would love to roam around the streets of London, sip on a cuppa (am I using this term correctly?), and just simply lose myself in the amazing city!


I’ve always wanted to go to Italy. I am not only in love with the cuisine, but just the type of passion Italians seem to put out in their daily lives. I prefer Rome over Paris as the status quo “romantic” city.


I have a ton of friends who are Taiwanese, and they have told me nothing but amazing things about the island. Although Taiwan technically shouldn’t be on this list because I have been there when I was 5, but like all early travels, I have little to no recollection of the place. I am dying to check out the night market (food food food) and the beautiful beaches down south.


One of my best friends recently moved back to her home country, Japan, and this means that it’s the perfect excuse to visit! I’m actually cheating again with Japan, because I also went there when I was very young. But please refer to my excuse in “Taiwan” and forgive me. Anyways, there are two things I want to experience in Japan the most – food (duh) and hot springs. If I can accomplish those two when I go there, I’ll be one happy girl!


In my book, Dutch music producers are undoubtedly top-notch. They are leaders of innovative sound production and never fail to push the boundaries to something fresh. Yes, this is a big reason for me to want to visit Amsterdam. As a dance music fan, this place is an absoluteΒ mustΒ visit. Not only it’s rich musical culture, just google Amsterdam, and you’ll see how BEAUTIFUL the city is. What is not to like, right???


Similar to Amsterdam, I want to visit Ibiza because it is a dance music mecca. This small white isle in Spain is where everything comes alive, whether day or night, weekday or weekend, summer or winter. It’s an experience out of reality and made for everyone to just forget everything and enjoy the moment.


Growing up, I was slightly (‘slightly’ meaning ‘very’) fascinated with Greek mythology. I was so into the tales of all the gods, goddesses, nymphs, monsters, heroes, kings, and how they have infiltrated into modern civilization’s culture. When reading about it, I always tried to picture what Athens would look like back then and just wanted to be there so badly. Visiting there would fulfill my ultimate childhood dream!

I could go on with the list, but I’ve narrowed it down to a few that I really really want to go.Β Have you been to any of the places I’ve listed? What are they like? And where are some places you want to visit?

4 thoughts on “Where should I travel to next?

  1. annie lee says:

    me wanna go amsterdam and greece tooooo. i’m planning my next year’s summer trip to europe.. is it too soon? hahaha but fingers cross it happens! how long is your summer vacation days?


    • Somin Bach says:

      I don’t it’s ever too soon to plan a trip! If anything, you’ll have so much more time to prepare πŸ™‚ I’m not so sure what my summer plans are gonna look like this year. I might just be able to cross one of the two off that list (japan or taiwan)


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