A Few Articles I Liked in March


March has been another month full of amazing articles that helped me out tremendously! Check out what I’ve been reading this month:

From Roses – “5 Ways To Feel More Confident”

As much as we know how important confident is, it’s not always easy to feel that way. Rebecca of From Roses shares her 5 tips on feeling confident. They seem pretty obvious at first, but they could not be more true. It’s those simple mindsets and attitudes that can help you feel more confident anytime. Click on the link to see what her tips are.

Eating Bird Food – “What to do when you gain weight”

I was looking through some of my old photos from just a few years ago, and I was shocked to see how fit I was back then. I had really let myself go the past few months, sadly. And I admit it. This post helped me come to terms with the realization of my weight gain in the most positive and healthy way possible, and is guiding me the right direction of getting back into that pre-fluff body!

Career Girl Daily – “Don’t miss: 13 Simple Tips On How To Let Go Of Negativity And Motivate Yourself When You Feel Like Doing Nothing”

Career Girl Daily shares 13 tips on motivating yourself when you have one of those down days. I wanted to share this article with everyone, because the tips shared are so simple to follow. Personally, I am working on #6 Take care of your body. Although I know how important it is to do this, it can easily be overlooked especially when I’m unmotivated or stressed. I’ve been focusing more on eating healthier and exercising more frequently, and I’m slowly seeing great results! I’m going to make it a goal to tackle other tips listed in the article.

A Little Opulent – “Five Simple Ways To Practice Self-Care”

If there was a reoccurring theme this month, it would be “self-care.” During the grueling, cold winter days, I feel like I really let myself go. I wanted March to be a fresh start for me, and this article’s tips on practicing self-care was so spot on. From eating healthy to healthy indulgences, and everything in between, this article gave me a good guideline to how I should practice self-care this month.

The Sunday Girl – “Sleep Awareness Week”

I love sleep more than anything in the world. However, I am not the best at sleeping or waking up early. This article really taught me on how to sleep properly to get the most of your zzzzz‘s and to sleep timely, which is perfect for anyone who’s working or have morning classes, or anyone who just wants to have a good regular sleep cycle.

The Nectar Collective – “The Art Of Making Friends As An Adult

I always heard that it’s more difficult to make friends as an adult, since you won’t really have that community that bonds you and a stranger. I was especially afraid of that since moving back to Korea, where I had no friends to begin with. This article tells you simple ways on branching out without having to make a tremendous effort or being in super awkward situations.

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