A killer tip to boost productivity!

I have the worst case of ADHD when it comes to just sitting down and getting work done. There are times when it takes hours to finish a task that should only take less than an hour. It is so frustrating to know that a chunk of my precious time has been taken away due to this incompetency. (*SOB SOB SOB*)

I know some of you might experience something similar and I GET YOUR PAIN. So I am here today to introduce you to something that will take your productivity game on another level.

It is called… (drum roll please) the “pomodoro technique.” Yes, they’re referring to the tomato shaped kitchen timer you might be all too familiar with. The idea behind this technique is that you break your work time into 25 minutes and with 3-5 minutes breaks in between. By breaking it down into 25 minute segments, you are able to focus better and work much more efficiently. You work a lot better in a time frame rather than treading on forever with no foreseeable end.

This technique is very easy to follow. All you need is anything that can serve as a timer. It can be your phone or an actual pomodoro timer if you have one! Set your timer to 25 minutes, and start working. After the time is up, give yourself a 3-5 minutes break. Repeat until you get everything done. Simple as that!

I’ve been trying out this method lately, and my goodness – I have never been more productive! I was able to accomplish so much more in just 25 minutes and my focus was on point! My biggest problems while working were getting distracted by my phone or other websites. With the pomodoro technique, I know I will be able to do whatever the heck I want 25 minutes later, so that helps me to forget about the distractions and focus on my current task. Now only if I knew about this back in college… (RIP to all the times spent on Youtube, Facebook, Buzzfeed when I had a 12-page essay to write at 2 a.m. “Like” this post if you’re with me!)

I highly recommend everyone to give this technique a try, just because it’s sooooo easy. Do you know of any other tips similar that can boost productivity? Let me know down in the comment section below!

With that said, I hope everyone has a wonderfully productive day! πŸ™‚

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