The importance of goal setting

flowers-gift-love-4825aIn a previous post, I talked about the little accomplishments I made over the past month or so. Although they didn’t seem like much, I was very satisfied with the positive results they brought. I wanted to carry on the momentum from that post and talk about the importance of goal setting with you guys. Whether those goals are small or big, it’s always important to have a vision on what you’re striving towards.

– why it’s important –

Everything you do is a process and has an outcome. Goals are important because it gives you a sense of purpose in what you do and why you do them. They don’t always have to be something ambitious as mastering a language, participating in a marathon, or writing a book. They can be something as simple as drinking 8 glasses of water every day, cleaning your closet, or shedding a few pounds by the end of Spring. Whatever it may be, any type of goals will make you become a forward-looking person and develop a strong sense of purpose.

– how to set them –

Setting goals is a very important process. It’s a great way to evaluate your abilities and circumstances, and also a way to organize your thoughts into a cohesive guideline. Don’t feel obligated to make them complicated.Β StartΒ by simply listing out what you want to accomplish – these are the end goals you wish to see at the end of the road. Then break each goal down to feasible steps. For instance, if your goal is to finish a book by next month, you can break it down to reading a chapter each day. If you have just an outcome with no steps in between, it’ll be hard to keep track and cause you to be more prone to losing focus and motivation.

– keeping yourself accountable –

During your journey, you will have those days when you’re just feeling a little lazy or other things start to seem more important. It’s very easy to lose focus in what you’ve been working on at this point. In order to combat this, think back to the beginning and remind yourself why you are working towards this specific goal. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s perfectly ok to take a step back and reassess and move the pieces around. But just keep in mind – you have the sole power to make it or break it!

– some helpful tips –

Let others know: I found it easier to accomplish your goals when others know what you’re doing. Whether they are family members, friends, or coworkers, they can all play a role in reminding yourself what you are doing.

Reward yourself: don’t forget to reward yourself at the end of the road for the hard work! Your effort should never go unnoticed, especially by yourself.

Write it down: If you ever think of something that might help you towards achieving your goal, do not hesitate to write it down. If you don’t, it will most likely slip out of your mind.

Research: If you are working on a goal, there’s a good chance someone else might have done something similar. And there’s even a better chance of that being somewhere on the world wide web. Read about how others accomplished similar goals, and incorporate what might work with your circumstances.

I hope this post can help you guys out on whatever you are working towards. I am continuing on with some of the goals I mentioned in my previous post. And I must admit, there are times I want to just give up, but I’m pushing myself extra hard. πŸ™‚

What are you currently working towards? What are some goals you want to achieve?

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