A Few Articles I Liked in April


Hello, everyone! There goes another month of 2015. It is officially Spring mode here in Korea and I am soooooo thankful for that. I seriously have to give myself a pat on the back for surviving the vicious Korean winter… It’s been so brutal and I don’t even want to look back. O.O What’s the weather like where you are?

As usual, I’m wrapping up the month with a selection of a few hand-picked articles from some of my favorite blogs. Keep scrolling to read more about the meaning of TCK, how to manage your time, to focus on positives, etc. Happy reading!

Third Culture Adult – “Do you have to be a “Global Nomad” to be a #TCK?”

A very valid question, if you ask me. We like to emphasize the fact that it’s our cultural fluidity that makes us unique. However, there are other group of people that experience something similar without being a “global nomad.” Do you agree with the article?

Career Girl Daily – “Live In The Moment: 5 Steps To Mindefulness”

It is so easy to lose focus of the moment and get carried away by your past or the future. Career Girl Daily shares 5 steps to achieving Mindefulness, or living in the present.

Thirteen Thoughts – “How To Let Go Of Negative Thoughts”

There’s nothing worse than harboring negative thoughts. It’s toxic to you and those around you. Thirteen Thoughts shares a few tips on letting those negative thoughts go and how to be a happier person.

Thirteen Thoughts – “Finding The Time To Do It All”

You got a list of things to do in a less than ideal amount of time. In the end, you only end up accomplishing a few, whereas Beyonce has probably accomplished a 100 times more than you. While I’m not the biggest supporter of comparing yourself to others, it is possible to do it all with the simple and useful tips shared on this post.

Career Girl Daily – “7 Activities Super Successful People Do During The Weekend”

Ever wondered what the most successful people do on their weekends? Probably working hard to maintain their status quo. Wrong! Career Girl Daily gives us an insight into how super successful people really spend their valuable weekends. (Hint: does not involve answering emails.)

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