Things that make me happy

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We all go through bad days. It’s tragically inevitable in our lives. However, there are little things in our lives gifted to us to magically make those bad days go away. Today, I want to share with you guys those little things that make me happy, things that I rely on to turn that frown upside-down.

What makes you happy? What are your go-to things that’ll turn a bad day around?

– running –

There’s nothing quite like a run outside, sweat glistening on your forehead, and a bit of color flushing on your cheeks. Once my earphones are plugged in, I am ready to go and I feel unstoppable. I cherish these runs very much because I can truly lose myself to the music and trust my instincts to propel my body forward as I watch my surroundings whiz by. It’s so therapeutic and I can always count on a good run to instantly uplift my mood.

– planning –

I love planning because I can give my full focus on my goals and nothing else. I love envisioning what the end of the road would look like, and building the steps to get there is very exciting to me. It gets me pumped up for the upcoming days and gives me a sense of purpose.

– good food –

#Foodie, anyone? I love food so much that sometimes I wonder why I’m not 200 lbs yet. When I eat, I like to enjoy the food’s taste. Now when I say that, I mean I really enjoy the taste. Once food enters my mouth, it immediately turns into a dance with my senses and my tongue. My palate knows no discrimination. Whether it’s exotic South American dish or comfort food that just knows the soft spot of my heart, I will make it into a mesmerizing experience. Up to this point, I give you every right to judge me. But I do not care because seriously guys, food is life.

– cool cafes –

As a coffee lover, this one seems pretty self-explanatory. I treat coffee not just as fuel, but something that accompanies me while I think, plan, or just people-watch. And to be able to do that in a quirky or a well-interiorized cafe really helps boost the experience. And may I add – I’ve never been to a cute cafe that serves bad coffee. Double points!

– music –

As cliche and corny as this might sound, music is my drug. There I’ve said it. If there is one thing that will never fail to uplift my mood, it is music. One of my favorite things to do is just pop on my earphones and get lost in the trance of music. While I am partially biased to electronically produced music (or EDM, as most of you know it), I am all for music that is pleasing to my senses. I love music because I can connect to the melody no matter what kind of mood I’m in at the moment. Music is like an old friend that knows everything about you. When you’re sad it won’t ask any questions, but will take you to another world to shake you up. When you’re happy it’ll celebrate the joys with you. It’s clearly not an overstatement when I say that music and I are inseparable.

If you want to check out what I’ve been listening to recently, check out my Soundcloud playlists!

– reading blogs –

I always loved reading other people’s thoughts and opinions. I think it’s so cool how I can get to know someone past their appearances and learn about their thought journey without really meeting them in person. I’ve been loving BloglovinΒ to keep track of all my favorite blogs and to discover new ones. You can also download it on your phone (compatible with both Apple and Android phones) for easy browsing when you’re on the subway or waiting for a friend at a cafe, etc. It’s quite mind-blowing how many talented bloggers are out there!

– good company –

Last but not least, one of my favorite things are being surrounded by good company. Whether they are family members, friends, or colleagues, there is nothing quite like beaming from the positive and caring energy reverberating with good company. Being with good company not only solidifies your sense of belonging, but also can make you feel competent and safe. These are the type of people you don’t want to part with after having already chatted with them over coffee for the past 3 hours. These are the people you genuinely care about, and them vice versa.

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