Hold on, I’m going home!!! (Well, one of them)

I'll be standing at the Bund to see this beautiful sight soon!

I’ll be standing at the Bund to see this beautiful sight soon!

For the past few months, I’ve been debating on whether I should visit Japan or Taiwan until prices went up and I couldn’t afford either of the places anymore. As you may or may not know, I have my two dearest friends in those respective countries, and the whole purpose of my trip was to have a reunion.

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Since then, I thought my summer was doomed to a mere stay-cation in Seoul Β (boohoo) until one of my friends suggested that we go to Shanghai! Of course, I took her suggestion and immediately started looking up flights. The flight deals were pretty decent so I booked one right away. (Thank you Travel God!)

Now let me tell you, I am beyond excited for these few reasons:

1. I get to meet my friends! I am also planning on meeting up with my high school friends whom I have not met for over 3+ years! It’ll be so insane to see them again and catch up after all this time.

2. Shanghai is my home that I have not been to in years. While going back will be like walking down the memory lane, since Shanghai is such a fast-changing city, it’ll also have some novelty factor.

3. This time, I’ll be experiencing Shanghai as an adult, and not as a high-school student. It’ll be a whole new experience for both my friends and I.

Just thinking about revisiting the old stomping grounds and exploring new parts makes me beam with happiness. I have a very strong connection with Shanghai, and it is a place where the awkward, teenage Somin learned and grew up tremendously.

I can’t wait to bask in the dynamic city vibe, eat delicious and legit Chinese food, and be blown away by the beautiful Bund.

Is this what it’s truly like to go home? πŸ˜‰

Pic 1

3 thoughts on “Hold on, I’m going home!!! (Well, one of them)

    • Somin Bach says:

      It is awesome, and I’m super excited to go back! πŸ˜€ I’ve been looking at multiple websites: Kayak, Hanatour (Korean website), individual airline websites… I really liked Hanatour because it lets you “hold” a flight for a few hours (I don’t remember how long) and pay within the given time.


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