10 random thoughts I had about going to Shanghai

By the time you’re reading this, I’ll be on my way to or will already be in Shanghai. (*high-pitch giggle*) As if you can’t already tell, I’m super excited for my upcoming trip to Shanghai. I have not been back since 2011, and in fast-paced Shanghai 4 years missed could amass to about 10 years worth of change. So you bet I am excited to to see what have changed and what remained. As I’m preparing myself for the trip, there were these random thoughts whirling around my head. They go something like this:

  1. I’m so excited!!!! (Accounts for about 75% of my thoughts actually)
  2. I hope it doesn’t rain when I’m there… (It is typhoon season in Asia, unfortunately)
  3. Should I go revisit my high school? I wonder if my high school friends in Shanghai look/act the same as they did before…
  4. I can’t wait to walk around Xintiandi and TianzifangΒ with a cup of coffee in hand
  5. I can’t wait to visit the museums. The sheer size and magnitude of the museums itself will blow your mind away.
  6. I wonder if Yang Rou Chuan (Lamb Kebabs) is still “unsafe” to eat… (I’ll still eat them anyways)
  7. What if I get sick while I’m travelling? What if I lose something valuable?
  8. I wonder if you can still bargain your way atΒ Kejiguan?
  9. What if I end up not liking Shanghai after the trip?
  10. ^I really hope that doesn’t happen! πŸ™‚

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