The air is always fresher in 춘천 Chuncheon

Before my two weeks of vacation came to an end and I had to go back to the grueling reality at work, I decided to end it right with a day-trip to Chuncheon. The trip happened just a few days after I came back from Shanghai, and I was still glowing from the trip and eager to get out and explore. Since I’ve heard nothing but good things about Chuncheon, I decided to make that our destination. I asked my mom to come with me because we’ve never been on a trip just the two of us before. After a quick research on the world wide web on things to do in Chuncheon, we had our itinerary set for the day. Seriously though, God bless the internet!

Chuncheon was just about a 1.5 hours away by subway from where I lived, making it an ideal place for a quick getaway. I absolutely loved the subway ride to Chuncheon, because it felt like an escape from the metropolitan Seoul and I got to see a ton of nature. It was such a stunning sight! However, I was too busy taking videos that I forgot to take pictures of the view from my window… (fail)

The weather was simply perfect when we arrived in Chuncheon. Slightly overcast with a pleasant breeze. Even the air was different from Seoul’s. It was very fresh and clean and every breath I took felt like a cleansing ritual.

Our first stop was a hole-in-the-wall type restaurant which was famous for its makguksu (noodles) which was a Chuncheon specialty. There was a long line to the restaurant, but it was totally worth the wait! You’ll see why as you scroll down…

The food itself was simple at its best. What you see above are noodles, Korean-style pancake, and pickled vegetables. But never underestimate simplicity, right?

After fuelling up, we hopped on a local bus to see the Soyanggang Dam, a reservoir famous for its breath-taking view. Being surrounded by nature was such a therapeutic experience. It let me forget the reality for a while and  appreciate the lushness that stretched on for miles and miles.

Our next stop was the beautiful Santorini Cafe. When we arrived, I could immediately tell why it was one of the top tourist destinations in Chuncheon. The cafe, which was part of a hotel was perched on top of a hill and overlooked downtown Chuncheon and the mountains and water in the premises. The place was crowded with families, couples, and lone travelers. It was the perfect photo-op spot for everyone.

Our last stop was to taste the famous Chuncheon Dak-galbi (grilled, marinated chicken). Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to take any pictures because I was way too busy stuffing my face… But if you get a chance to go to Chuncheon, I highly recommend you to go to any restaurant that serves Dak-galbi. It’s literally (Since I didn’t take any pictures, click here to see what I’m raving about…)

By the time we got home, it was already past 10 pm. My mom and I felt so productive because we spent such a packed day. This day-trip was also an incredible opportunity to bond with my mom. The main reason why I wanted my mom to come along on this trip was because ever since I returned to Korea, I never had the opportunity to really spend a full day with my mom. I was always working and when I wasn’t, I was out with my friends. Coming back home made me realize how precious family time is, and this trip definitely made that sentiment even truer. It was a first of its kind for us, and there definitely will be more in the future!

I’m missing summer so much already, guys! What about you? What was something fun and memorable you did over the summer?

6 thoughts on “The air is always fresher in 춘천 Chuncheon

  1. Antonio V. says:

    Wow! Those are some wonderful pictures. So glad you had time to spend with your mother and bond. That’s so important. Never been to Chuncheon. Will have to put that in my bucket list. :). Love the Seahawks hat, too!

    Liked by 1 person

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