A Few Articles I Liked in September – When you’re feeling lonely

A Few Articles I Liked in September - When you're feeling lonely

September has been a crazy month for me because I had a few friends visiting Korea. I showed them around Seoul, had delicious (and spicy, my goodness) Korean food and caught up on each other’s lives. After all the time spent together, saying goodbye was definitely the hardest part.

So for this month’s edition of my favorite articles, I decided to share ones that resonated with my sentiment this month. I’m sure this might resonate with some of you guys too. So go ahead and scroll down to read about “A Few Articles I liked in September – When you’re feeling lonely.”

Tomberkas – “on (not) being very good at saying goodbye, partΒ II”

TCKs and expats are assumed to be good at saying goodbyes. Here’s the truth – we’re not. Tip: it does get easier with time though…

How Do I Grown Up – “Feeling Friday: Every Time One Friendship Ends… Something About Windows…”

Let the feels flood for a moment now… Sometimes your BFF might not stick around forever. And dealing with the breakup is just as hard as any romantic relationships.

Buzzfeed – “25 Things Only Long-Distance BFFs Understand”

I laughed so hard with this one because this is literally my relationships with my friends who are literally all over the world. Guys, making long-distance relationship work is the new #friendshipgoal. Now go text your BFF in another continent how this one is the story of your life.

***BONUS: Nothing beats the feeling of loneliness like watching this corgi belly flop into the water.

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