3 awesome perks about living in your home country

3 awesome perks about living in your home country

Even just a few months ago, I was still trying to accept the reality of coming back home, trying to find a true sense of self as I adjusted to my new/old home. Fast forward to today, a little over a year since I’ve returned to Korea, I feel confident enough to say that I’m doing fairly well! As the emotional phase of transitioning waned away, I started noticing all these great perks that I didn’t see before (boo, sadness). It’s amazing what wonderful things you’ll find with just a simple change of perspective!

So today, I wanted to highlight a few perks (out of many) about living in Korea, my home country. If you’re a TCK who has just moved back to their home country or planning on going back, I hope you’ll find this post helpful or relevant!  

  1. Healthcare Korea already provides great national healthcare for its citizens. I’ve never received such great coverage anywhere else because I was a foreigner. When I first came back to Korea, I was shocked to see how frequently Koreans visited the doctors. I first had to see a doctor for my eczema, and I thought that was a big decision. I braced myself as I headed into the clinic and could not believe that the whole visit only cost me less than 10,000 KRW. (approximately $8!!!) I still don’t go to the doctor’s as often as others, but it’s reassuring to know that a quick visit won’t cost me a fortune!
  2. “Permanent” address How many of you guys dreaded entering in a “permanent” home address for college applications, online shopping, subscriptions, etc. The word “permanent” isn’t something us TCKs usually associate with because there are many things in our lives that are just the contrary of the definition. A home address is no exception. When I lived abroad, the default permanent address I used was my grandparent’s Korean address, because that was the closest thing we could get to. I could have used my semi-permanent address (or billing address) but I did not want to go through the trouble of updating it every single time I moved around. Now that I’m back in Korea, I can use my current address without hesitation!
  3. Public transportation If the Korean public transportation system was a person, I would give that person a big fat hug. The Korean public transportation system is the veins of Seoul that transport all the people from point A to B. People in Korea rely very heavily on public transportation, and the system is designed so effectively to be able to handle such a big flow of people every day. I’m also very impressed by how accessible information is and how amazingly clean everything is. I am so thankful for it and I don’t think I’ll find anything like it!!


I wanted to end the post with the quote above. I learned over time that life really is what you make it to be. Once your perspective shifts, you’ll start noticing that the goodies were in front of you the whole time! 🙂

Are you also back in your home country? What are some awesome easter eggs you found in your home country?

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