Why Snapchat is the best way to keep in touch


Unless you live under a rock, you probably have Snapchat (iOS or Android) on your phone or you know plenty of people who do. And if you’re like me, you’re probably addicted. Snapchat has taken the world by a storm and has become the ultimate communication app of our generation. It has made picture sharing so much easier and my friends and I use it on a daily basis to share what we had for lunch, our work desk (and how messy it is), our (once-in-a-while) workout sesh… basically anything you can think of. And here’s why my friends and I love it so much:

It’s quick & easy

Thanks to its super quick and easy usability, Snapchat has really hit homerun in the world of instant gratification. There are times when SnapchattingΒ your friend is much easier than sending a text. With Snapchat, all you have to do is “snap” a picture, then send it to the desired receivers on your friendΒ list. That whole process will literally take no more than 10 seconds. Because ain’t nobody got time for texting!

Long conversations are overrated

Pictures really do tell a thousand words. Sometimes that’s just what you need – let the pictures do the talking. And that’s where Snapchat comes in. Snapchat allows the receiver to view the picture for a maximum of 10 seconds before it disappears forever. (loophole: you can screenshot pictures, but the app will notify the receiver when you do) You can reply with another “snap” or via the app’s chat feature. Not convinced yet? Imagine that you’re at a party. Instead of texting to your friends what’s going on, (“there’s a pinata hanging on the left corner of the room, and this girl wearing this really tight blue dress trying to pull it down…” talk about sore thumbs!) you can literally let Snapchat show your friends what that crazy girl in the blue dress is doing to the poor pinata hanging in the left corner of the room. Voila!

Add a creative touch to your pictures

I love Snapchat because it allows me to get super creative with what I send to my friends. I can draw on the pictures, add emojis… And who has not tried the new filter feature that got you looking like this?

AlthoughΒ it sure makes us look like fools in public, it definitely adds character to an otherwise basic “snap.” We can do that for our friends, no?

[UPDATE] You can now draw your own filter and up your Snapchat game even more. Just simply activate the filters by holding down on your face, and you should see the option to draw on your face. Please, have fun with this one.

You really feel like you’re there

Whenever my friends in Seattle get together for drinks or a night out, I’ll always get a Snapchat from them. They usually go something like “You are dearly missed!” or “Wish you were here!” My friends also love to “live” broadcast the shenanigans of their nights. I definitely get the feeeeels seeing my friends’ faces and feel like I’m actually there.

Do you also use Snapchat to keep in touch with your friends? Are there other apps that you can recommend? Let me know in the comments! πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Why Snapchat is the best way to keep in touch

    • Somin Bach says:

      Thanks for your comment. πŸ™‚ It definitely isn’t as popular in Asia but I still use it on a daily basis. Once you actually start using the app, you’ll understand the addiction even more! πŸ˜‰


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