A Few Articles I Liked in November – Being Thankful

Articles November 2015

How was everyone’s November? I cannot believe we are ending another month and heading into the final month of 2015! Isn’t that just crazy???

November has always been a month of being thankful for me. Although my family never seriously celebrated Thanksgiving when we lived in the States, just the fact that you get to dedicate the month to being thankful is really nice. Therefore, I decided to dedicate to this month’s edition of “A Few Articles I Liked” to anything related to gratitude. Get ready for some warmth & fuzziness!

Career Girl Daily – “10 Things We Love About Living With Our Parents”

It’s been a year and a few months since I’ve moved back to Korea, which also means it has been that long since I started living with my parents again. Although conflicts are inevitable, I cannot say there aren’t any perks from living with them. This articles lists exactly what they are, and they remind you that “hey, living with your parents is not too horrible after all!”

Communicating.Across.Boundaries – “Some Thoughts on Gratitude”

You don’t necessarily have to be religious to understand where the point of this post. This post will make you think about what defines gratitude. It’s not as simple as we think it is!

How Do I Grown Up – “#Thankful”

I love Rebecca’s How Do I Grown Up and it’s easily one of my favorite blogs to read. She can turn the most ordinary, everyday topics into something totally relatable with a humorous twist that is recognizably her own. Her list of things she is #Thankful for probably doesn’t seem special at a glance, but once you start reading into it, you’ll start to realize these are actually things you are grateful for.

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