May Things in Seoul: The 6th Great Korean Beer Festival

6th Great Korean Beer Festival 2016

6th Great Korean Beer Festival poster (

The Great Korean Beer Festival is coming back in May for its 6th edition. The festival will span from May 4 – 8 (good thing it’s during the 4-day weekend), showcasing an impressive selection of local and imported beers and drool-worthy food to pair with your drink. Some of the breweries featured are Gorilla Brewery, Weizen Haus, Magpie Brewing Co., to name just a few.

While there won’t be an entrance fee, you will be expected to pay directly at the booth of your liking, or purchase beer sampling coupons at the festival office. Also, remember to bring a valid ID (passport, ARC, driver’s license, etc.). I’m sure they’ll be nowhere near strict as any bars in the U.S., but you also don’t want to be that annoying friend who has to ask their friends to buy them drinks because you got unlucky…

Dates: 5/4/2016 – 5/8/2016
Price: FREE admission + pay per food/drink (avg. KRW 5000)
How to get there:Β Get off at Samseong Station on Line 2.Β Use the passage directly connected from exit 5 or 6 to Coex mall through the Millennium Plaza

Check out the festival’s official website for more information and pictures from last year.

Are you doing anything exciting in May? Let me know in the comments down below! πŸ™‚

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