June Things in Seoul: Ultra Korea 2016 & Relay 4 Seoul

Summer is officially here in full force. Here in Korea, that means scorching heat coupled with smothering humidity. Scared? Don’t be. Here are some excellent events happening in Seoul during the month of June to make you forget the heat for a minute.

Ultra Korea 2016

One of the world’s hottest electronic dance music festivals is returning to its Korean home, the Jamsil Sports Complex, on June 10 – 12. As part of the Road to Ultra [Miami], Ultra Korea had been blessing the dance music fans in the East since 2012 with world-class artists and top-notch production. For the first time, the festival has expanded to 3-days, which will ultimately mean more acts (and inevitably more time conflicts) to check out. Artists such as Afrojack, Knife Party, Deadmau5, Axwell v Ingrosso, Avicii, Jauz, and Netsky will grace the decks this year, bound to leave you with a spectacle that will make all the other festivals feel like a child’s play.

Whether you’re a die-hard dance music fan (like me) or a casual listener, this is one festival you need to check out. The first festival that started my festival career (?) was none other than Ultra Miami 2011. Everything from the beautiful beachside city to being surrounded by a sea of beautiful people, and the music – oh the music! – was what cast an eternal spell on me. You can bet that my passion for the genre and festivals spiralled into an unstoppable love affair from then on to this day. I’m not saying this will necessarily happen to you, but trust me. Just give it a shot. It’ll be something you’ll be talking about non-stop to everyone you know.

Dates: 6/10/2016 – 6/12/2016
Price: see ticket prices here –> to buy in Korea or outside of Korea (Hurry! Tickets are limited and they sell out very quickly. Mark my words.)
Venue: Jamsil Sports Complex

Not convinced yet? I’ll just leave this here then…

Mizuno Relay 4 Seoul

Not really feeling the festival vibes? If you’re more about making healthy (?) life choices over turning up to the max, Mizuno’s Relay 4 Seoul might just be the summer event for you.

Celebrating its 110th anniversary since its inception, Mizuno is bringing a unique team-marathon experience to the runners of Seoul. In order to enter, you must be in a team of four (must be two female and two male runners), with each person responsible for 3km of the 12km race. The goal of the race is to finish the entire distance in 100 minutes (25 minutes per runner). With that said, if there is any race that’ll teach you “there’s no ‘i’ in ‘team’,” it’ll be Mizuno’s Relay 4 Seoul.

Even if you’re a complete beginner, running is a very good exercise that is beneficial to you both physically and mentally. If running seems daunting, I say this race will be a good one to start with; and remember that your teammates will be there to cheer you on. And if you’re a more experienced runner, this will be a chance to do something different from the usual individual races. Either way, I highly encourage everyone to check it out!

This race actually happens to fall right on the third day of Ultra Korea (June 12th). If I wasn’t going to Ultra, I would have gone to this event. Clearly, I’m not about making healthy life choices… (shame)

Date: 6/12/2016
Price: KRW 40,000 per person (comes with goodies!) Registration will close on 5/20 and it’s first come, first serve basis. So hurry and register here.
Venue: World Cup Park

Decided to go? Great! Here are some ways you can prepare:

Pic 1 2

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