Monday Mantra: Count Your Blessings


We hear that everywhere: count your blessings. It’s a call-to-action to remind yourself how thankful you should be of your life. It’s a very simple exercise that shouldn’t take more than a minute of our day. Yet, in the midst of harsh reality, it’s very easy to dismiss our blessings and only focus on the negatives. And by doing so, we’re only putting ourselves into a deep cave of self-inflicted misery.

Simplify this exercise by listing out just three things you are grateful for from that day. It could be something grand, but most of the time it’ll be something smaller in scale. That’s ok. Those are the things we take for granted but should be thankful for. This was actually inspired by one of my favorite Youtube vloggersΒ Weylie Hoang, who used to end her vlogs with listing out three things she or her boyfriend were thankful for. Once you get in the habit of realizing that your day is actually made up of these small “gifts,” you’ll realize that negativities don’t and shouldn’t dictate your life.

Today, I’m thankful for my amazing and supportive family, my two best friends in Taiwan and the U.S. that I can always count on, and my willpower to clock in a good workout session instead of becoming a couch potato. So tell me – what are the three things you’re thankful for today?


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