5 Ways to Enjoy Han River

han river

The iconic Han river is a majestic body of water that stretches along the length of the beautiful Seoul city. If you live in Seoul, you may have seen it countless times while driving along the river, or crossing one of the many bridges that connect north and south Seoul. The Han river can also be a great place for a quick getaway from the city. So here are five ways to enjoy your Han river experience:

Ride a bike

One thing (out of many) Seoul has done really well is paving bike paths. Bring your own bike or rent one to go for a ride along the river!

Walk along the river

You can still enjoy the Han river without a bike. The pedestrian road stretches along the length of the river side-by-side the bike path. You

When at Han river… Chicken & Beer

If you’ve been in Seoul for a while, you already know that this simple combination of fried (or sweet & spicy) chicken and beer is the ultimate Han River grub. You can bring your own in a to-go box. But you can always order on the spot from the flyers strewn across the park, and have it delivered to your exact location.

Stop by the Sevit Islands

The mysterious floating infrastructures are a sight to see. To hosting exhibitions and rooftop parties, catering delicious food, and providing a gorgeous night view, the Sevit or Sebit Islands is a modern landmark that you must check out.

Take the ferry

What better way to experience the Han river than literally being on it? You can take the ferries from either the Jamsil or the Yeouido docks, and they offer a variety of activities or events you can choose from such as lunch cruise, cooking classes, etc.


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