Bringing Jeju to Seoul – Innisfree Jeju House ain’t your average beauty store

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I absolutely adore Samcheongdong. The streets are filled with cute and unique cafes, and it’s just so much fun to muse over them as you stroll around. That very fact can make choosing the perfect cafe quite a difficult task. If you’re not a fan of making that choice, look no further, and check out the Innisfree Jeju House.

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Korean makeup/skincare powerhouse Innisfree has been on a roll lately. They’ve already won the hearts of fans from and outside of Korea with their innovative usage of natural ingredients from the Jeju Island. They’re also known for their adorable environment-friendly packaging and immaculately crisp and clean store interior. Innisfree, as my sister would put it, is really something extra.

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Innisfree is very much dedicated to bringing the pristine image of Jeju to the mainstream beauty industry. They have once again gone that extra mile to provide a full sensory-overload experience with the Innisfree Jeju House. Innisfree Jeju House is a part store, part cafe complex located along the cafe alley of Samcheongdong. As you enter, you’ll be met with the familiar setting of the Innisfree product displays and kind, smiling faces of store clerks. You can use the stairs tucked away at the back of the store to go up to the cafe, a relaxing sitting area where you can rest from all the relentless shopping!

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I loved how even their menu items were tailored towards the Jeju theme (think cool refreshing island breeze, pure untouched blue-green ocean). The drinks my sister and I ordered were the Jeju Sea Lemonade and the Jeju Canola Honey Latte (sweet and slightly citric – highly recommend!), which were perfect with their sweet potato cake.

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I love how Korean beauty brands just get you these days. If you know me well, you know I love beauty products and coffee, so the Innisfree Jeju House really provides best of both worlds. I noticed that Skin Food also has their version of store/cafe hybrid in Garosugil, and it’s definitely on my list of places to check out. I’m really excited about where all these beauty brands are heading nowadays. They really know that making an impression goes beyond a just a great shopping experience.

Innisfree Jeju House
Nearest exit: Line 3 Anguk Station


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