Bringing Jeju to Seoul – Innisfree Jeju House ain’t your average beauty store

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I absolutely adore Samcheongdong. The streets are filled with cute and unique cafes, and it’s just so much fun to muse over them as you stroll around. That very fact can make choosing the perfect cafe quite a difficult task. If you’re not a fan of making that choice, look no further, and check out the Innisfree Jeju House.

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Korean makeup/skincare powerhouse Innisfree has been on a roll lately. They’ve already won the hearts of fans from and outside of Korea with their innovative usage of natural ingredients from the Jeju Island. They’re also known for their adorable environment-friendly packaging and immaculately crisp and clean store interior. Innisfree, as my sister would put it, is really something extra. Continue reading


5 Ways to Enjoy Han River

han river

The iconic Han river is a majestic body of water that stretches along the length of the beautiful Seoul city. If you live in Seoul, you may have seen it countless times while driving along the river, or crossing one of the many bridges that connect north and south Seoul. The Han river can also be a great place for a quick getaway from the city. So here are five ways to enjoy your Han river experience: Continue reading

To all the sunscreen haters: important beauty advice I picked up from Korea

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Confession: before moving back to Korea, I rarely wore sunscreen. Maybe reached for it once in a blue moon, I’d say. I knew it was important to protect your skin, but since young age, I had a strong aversion towards sunscreen. It was thick, sticky, and had a funny smell that made me gag. Don’t even get me started on how much it hurt when it got in the eyes!!! Another big reason I didn’t wear sunscreen was because I used to associate sunscreen with being pale or maintaining paleness. And I was not about that. I wanted to be a tanned, bronzed goddess and didn’t want any barrier to get in the way of achieving that. (never did, FYI) Continue reading

TCK Goes to Wando + Cheongsando: Easy Breezy Long Weekend Getaway

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“slowness is happiness” in Korean

This past Korean Memorial Day weekend, my close coworker and I planned a last-minute getaway to Wando and Cheongsando, just so we can relax before we begin another hectic week of work work work. We managed to snag the last, few remaining guesthouses and hopped on an 8:30am bus to begin the 5-hour journey to our destination.

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May Things in Seoul: The 6th Great Korean Beer Festival

6th Great Korean Beer Festival 2016

6th Great Korean Beer Festival poster (

The Great Korean Beer Festival is coming back in May for its 6th edition. The festival will span from May 4 – 8 (good thing it’s during the 4-day weekend), showcasing an impressive selection of local and imported beers and drool-worthy food to pair with your drink. Some of the breweries featured are Gorilla Brewery, Weizen Haus, Magpie Brewing Co., to name just a few.

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April Things in Seoul: Cherry Blossom Festivals

If you’re gonna be in Seoul in April, you’re in luck because cherry blossom season has returned! During the first and second week of April, you’ll witness Seoul transform into a sea of gorgeous pastel pink. Locals and tourists will fill the parks and the streets to see the cherry blossoms before they fade away, which is usually followed by Summer… And we’re not quite ready for that yet.

If you’re looking for more than just pretty flowers, here are two cherry blossom festival you can check out this April:

Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival (영등포 여의도 봄꽃축제)

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Starbucks in Korea: Toffee Nut Latte

Starbucks in Korea: Toffee Nut Latte

Fall means many different things to different people. To some, it means stepping on beautifully colored, crunchy leaves. To some, it means bidding adieu to summertime fun and preparing for the colder weather. (sweater weather, anyone?) To some, it means the start of school. The list goes on… And some might wonder, “why in the world is she talking about fall when we’re already halfway deep into the season???” Continue reading

Why 11/11 is better than Valentine’s Day in Korea

Why 11/11 is better than Valentine's Day in Korea

It’s early November in Korea. As I’m writing this post, people are scrambling around and buying out cases and cases of Peperos. They must hurry before they run out in stores. Why? Because 11/11 is coming up!

In case you’re not familiar, Pepero is a popular Korean snack which is basically a stick biscuit covered in chocolate. (There is a Japanese alternative called “Pocky”) Pepero is one of my favorite childhood snacks and it still has a special place in my heart. In Korea, November 11th (11/11 looks like four Peperos, in case you haven’t noticed yet) is a special day for couples and I dare say it is just as important as Valentine’s Day. Couples will celebrate Pepero Day by exchanging Peperos (duh), just like they would exchange chocolate on Valentine’s Day. It might sound like another one of those silly days created to drive Pepero sales (which I’m not doubting it isn’t), but today I’m here to prove to you why it’s not, and why it might be better than Valentine’s Day.  Continue reading