“TCK Goes Home” moved!

Hi everyone!

TCK Goes Home has officially moved to www.tckgoeshome.com! Please click on that link if you want to continue following TCK Goes Home! πŸ™‚ I will continue to post every Tuesday at 10am (Korea time). I hope to see y’all there!

Thank you all for your continued support! ❀


May 2017 be the year of compassion

It is almost 8pm on a Monday night in Seoul as I’m writing this. I’m sitting here, battling a nasty cold, trying to figure out what to write for the blog. Secret revealed: my sister and I “planned” this post to be relevant to ꡬ정 (or the Lunar New Year), you know… because that’s what bloggers do… Plan ahead, right? I think what we originally had in mind was a cheery post featuring delicious food we’ll devour during the holiday, the importance of spending quality time with family, traditions… All the heartwarming things you could relate to such a holiday. Continue reading

What’s new in TCK Goes Home…

Hey guys, it’s been a MINUTE since I’ve last written on here. I am back with a very exciting news: TCK Goes Home has a new family member (literally), Soyoon, who is actually my younger sister! We were at a cafe chatting away about our goals and dreams, and we thought that it would be really cool for the two of us to write about our experiences as TCKs/ATCKs on this blog! Not only will she be able to provide great insights from her experiences, she is a superb writer and my daily inspiration to aim for greater things! I cannot be more excited about her joining me on this project and really taking things to the next level.

We will be posting weekly posts related to our TCK experiences, our lives back home in Seoul, and (hopefully) lots of travel adventures. There will be new updates every Tuesday at 10am (Korea time) so be sure to stop by!

Monday Mantra: Change Your Language


What you say can become a reality. The words that come out of your mouth can manifest themselves. Pay attention to what you’re saying. Say ‘can’ instead of ‘can’t.’ Say ‘yes’ instead of ‘no.’ You get the idea.

Be mindful of your language until they self-manifest. Say it until you believe it. Your words can change you.

Happy Monday.

Monday Mantra: Count Your Blessings


We hear that everywhere: count your blessings. It’s a call-to-action to remind yourself how thankful you should be of your life. It’s a very simple exercise that shouldn’t take more than a minute of our day. Yet, in the midst of harsh reality, it’s very easy to dismiss our blessings and only focus on the negatives. And by doing so, we’re only putting ourselves into a deep cave of self-inflicted misery.

Simplify this exercise by listing out just three things you are grateful for from that day. It could be something grand, but most of the time it’ll be something smaller in scale. That’s ok. Those are the things we take for granted but should be thankful for. This was actually inspired by one of my favorite Youtube vloggersΒ Weylie Hoang, who used to end her vlogs with listing out three things she or her boyfriend were thankful for. Once you get in the habit of realizing that your day is actually made up of these small “gifts,” you’ll realize that negativities don’t and shouldn’t dictate your life.

Today, I’m thankful for my amazing and supportive family, my two best friends in Taiwan and the U.S. that I can always count on, and my willpower to clock in a good workout session instead of becoming a couch potato. So tell me – what are the three things you’re thankful for today?

Monday Mantra: Practice Self-care, Self-love, and Self-respect

Monday Mantra 1

There’s nothing more attractive and important than confidence that radiates from self-care, self-love, and self-respect. This requires a being aware and conscious of who we are and how we are.

A quick self-assessment and awareness can truly reveal how you are at the moment. Ask yourself: “how are you feeling today?” “what are some things you appreciate?” Connect with your inner self. Give your inner self some love instead of seeking love from an outside source. Keep in mind that if you cannot love yourself, you can’t expect to be loved by others.

Repeat the mantra as needed. You can do this while taking a walk, during the shower, before going to bed… It’s a simple reminder to love yourself and accept you for who you are.

Happy Monday, everyone.

Hello & BRB

Hi, guys! I just came here to give you guys a quick update on what’s been happening. I’ve been taking a break from TCK Goes Home for a few months now. I’m on a blogging break because I had other commitments in life that needed more attention, and it just got progressively harder and harder to juggle all that with blogging. I chose to put blogging off for now so I can work on one thing at a time. (Multi-tasking is hard!) I am working on a few personal projects at the moment. And I am planning on coming back to TCK Goes Home sometime this year (so specific, right?). I will still be on social media if you want to stay in touch. πŸ™‚

I miss blogging and I can’t wait to be back and show you guys what I’ve been working on!

Until then… Bye for now!

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A Few Articles I Liked in November – Being Thankful

Articles November 2015

How was everyone’s November? I cannot believe we are ending another month and heading into the final month of 2015! Isn’t that just crazy???

November has always been a month of being thankful for me. Although my family never seriously celebrated Thanksgiving when we lived in the States, just the fact that you get to dedicate the month to being thankful is really nice. Therefore, I decided to dedicate to this month’s edition of “A Few Articles I Liked” to anything related to gratitude. Get ready for some warmth & fuzziness! Continue reading

TCK Goes Home has a Pinterest board now!


Hi, guys! I just created a Pinterest board for TCK Goes Home! Feel free to check it out when you can. I have been a huge Pinterest fan for a few years now, so I thought why not create one for TCK Goes Home? Contents on the board will come from the blog itself or other TCK-related articles/pictures I find online. Let me know if you are a Pinterest lover as well, because I always love finding good stuff from other people’s boards. πŸ™‚

TCK Goes Home board: click here

Things that make me happy

kaboompics.com_Happy Coffee

We all go through bad days. It’s tragically inevitable in our lives. However, there are little things in our lives gifted to us to magically make those bad days go away. Today, I want to share with you guys those little things that make me happy, things that I rely on to turn that frown upside-down.

What makes you happy? What are your go-to things that’ll turn a bad day around? Continue reading