Moving back to your home country? Here’s what to expect (+ tips for smooth transition!)

Moving back to your home country? Here's what to expect (+ tips for smooth transition!)

We always hear about stories of our fascinating life abroad, being multi-lingual, having friends all over the world, etc.Β Yes, the TCK life. But what happens when you’ve reached the expiration date of our beloved lifestyle and you have to pack it up and come back to your home country… Well, then. I must say, welcome to the TCK Goes Home club!

You may be coming back home for various reasons whether or not the decision was under your control. Coming back home will be a very overwhelming experience, good or bad. I remember as I counted down the days I had left in the U.S., I couldn’t even fathom the mixed feelings and emotions that started clouding my head. There was definitely a presence of uncertainty and the fact that I had no control over this feelingΒ scared me. There’s something about “going back home” that sounds counterintuitive and a bit backward for us TCKs, who’s usually all about going to different places.

As an ATCK (adult TCK) who is 1+ years into her move back to her home country, I feel like I can speak on behalf of this topic. I’ve been through ups and downs (I still am actually, but isn’t everyone?) during the transition. So today I’m here to make that transition easier for you by breaking down what to expect when you go back to your home country! Keep scrolling to read more: Continue reading


How to rock at being the new kid at school

How to rock at being the new kid at school

September to me is always a bit bittersweet. While I do love the crisp autumn air, the leaves, and the sweaters, the ninth month of the year also is a sign that summer is officially over. It is also when students return to school, with their faces still glistening from the summer glow and eager (maybe not everyone…) to embark another academic year. Some might lean more on the bitter side on the bittersweet scale as they pack up their stuff and say goodbye to their loved ones and their home to go to a new “home.” I used to be one of them sitting on the bitter side of the scale. Continue reading

I went to revisit one of my homes, and you should too.

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I recently went to visit Shanghai for a week. As you may or may not know, Shanghai has a very special place in my heart because it used to be one of my homes for 4 years of my tender adolescent years. I was originally planning on travelling to either Taiwan or Japan, but I ended up going to Shanghai, and I am so, so glad I did. Continue reading

10 random thoughts I had about going to Shanghai

By the time you’re reading this, I’ll be on my way to or will already be in Shanghai. (*high-pitch giggle*) As if you can’t already tell, I’m super excited for my upcoming trip to Shanghai. I have not been back since 2011, and in fast-paced Shanghai 4 years missed could amass to about 10 years worth of change. So you bet I am excited to to see what have changed and what remained. As I’m preparing myself for the trip, there were these random thoughts whirling around my head. They go something like this: Continue reading

Hold on, I’m going home!!! (Well, one of them)

I'll be standing at the Bund to see this beautiful sight soon!

I’ll be standing at the Bund to see this beautiful sight soon!

For the past few months, I’ve been debating on whether I should visit Japan or Taiwan until prices went up and I couldn’t afford either of the places anymore. As you may or may not know, I have my two dearest friends in those respective countries, and the whole purpose of my trip was to have a reunion. Continue reading

When I first realized I was a TCK

When I first realized I was a TCK

For the longest time, I felt lost and confused when it came to personal identity. Born in Korea, growing up in the U.S., and spending my tender teenage years in Shanghai has produced a colorful yet very gray identity I could not quite label. My Korean nationality felt like an obligation against my more Western mindset. I never knew which place to call my home. I never fit in one single box.

“How do you speak English/Chinese so well?”

“Where do you consider your home?”

“Why don’t you want to go back to Korea?” Continue reading