Is Social Media your best friend or worst enemy?

Is Social Media your best friend or worst enemy?

Social media is an integral part of our lives. Actually, I take that understatement back. It is an inseparable part of our lives. We use social media for various reasons; to stay in touch with friends and family, to build an online presence, to access news, or just for fun. What’s great is that there are many different social media outlets to cater towards these different needs and purposes.

Social media can play many roles for us TCKs. We may use it to see what our friends from the other side of the world are doing, to share photos from your recent trip to southeast Asia, or to build connections wherever you are.

However, as much as I would like to go on about how great social media is, I must also bring light upon the downside. While social media can be fun, it can also lead to FOMO (short for ‘Fear Of Missing Out’) and unreasonable comparison. Today, I wanted to talk about social media and how it can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Scroll down to read more: Continue reading


Why Snapchat is the best way to keep in touch


Unless you live under a rock, you probably have Snapchat (iOS or Android) on your phone or you know plenty of people who do. And if you’re like me, you’re probably addicted. Snapchat has taken the world by a storm and has become the ultimate communication app of our generation. It has made picture sharing so much easier and my friends and I use it on a daily basis to share what we had for lunch, our work desk (and how messy it is), our (once-in-a-while) workout sesh… basically anything you can think of. And here’s why my friends and I love it so much: Continue reading

The important women in my life


Happy International Women’s Day!

For those of you who are not familiar with the day, it is basically a day to celebrate and appreciate women. What started out as a movement to celebrate and acknowledge social and economic achievements made by women, decades later, the political nuance is not as stressed.

Although I firmly believe it’s important to highlight such achievements made by women, I also believe it doesn’t always have to be political. I like to interpret Women’s Day as a day to just simply appreciate and love all the great and amazing women around us. Continue reading

[UPDATE] Back from Seattle and still recovering (?)

I know… I’ve been horrible at updating. I’ve disappeared with a month hiatus, and I am finally back! This post will be a quick update on what I’ve been up to the past month I’ve been MIA, and a little promise to myself and everyone to be more active on this blog!!!


Since my last post, I’ve been preparing to go to Seattle, which is where I spent Christmas and New Year’s eve. It was so good being back in Seattle and seeing my friends and the places I know. Interestingly enough, it also felt like I never left the city. Maybe 6 months is not long enough for you to feel distant from a place. Continue reading

What I’m looking forward to the most about Seattle…

It is officially December. It snowed on the first day here in Korea to welcome the change in season. This also means I’m closer to my trip back to Seattle. I have been counting down for weeks, and I can’t believe it’s finally time! As you may know, I’ve lived in Seattle in the recent 5 years before I moved back to Korea, and it is a place very, very dear to my heart. Not only is Seattle beautiful and charming in its own way, I have memories made with wonderful people deeply embedded in the city. Ever since I moved, there had been many moments when I had some major nostalgia. Therefore, this trip means a lot to me for it’ll definitely caress the pain (?) away. Continue reading

The Story of the Greatest 3-Way Long Distance Relationship

The Story of the Greatest 3-Way Long Distance Relationship

You just don’t. (Via

“The story of the greatest 3-way long distance relationship consists of three lovely girls who are living in three different countries. The geographical barrier between the three does not stop them from continuing their friendship, as a matter of fact, is becoming even better despite the distance.”

The above excerpt, by the way, is about me (if you haven’t assumed already…).

One of the biggest fears I had when starting college was not being able to find a group of friends, or just a friend, that you can spend your wonderful college years with. My mother’s current close friends were all from college, and I always wanted to have that as well. Luckily enough, I did end up having what my mother had. One of the girls was from Taiwan, who actually went to my high school in Shanghai, and we became closer in college. The other friend was from Japan, and we just clicked immediately from day one. Fast forward to now, we are all back in our home countries (with the exception of the friend from high school, because she actually returned to Shanghai – where she feels most at home!) and we are in a 3-way long distance relationship. Continue reading